Natural . Local . Fresh.

Natural, local, fresh - what more could your business ask for? Well, we can think of a few things…

FREE WEEKLY  DELIVERY….within 100 miles

GRADE A PRODUCT…..sustainably grown, consistent supply, large quantities carefully graded for quality and freshness 

COMPETITIVE PRICING …small farm quality, big farm price cuts, ask if we can match your current cost.

ADVERTIZING GOLD…. natural, local, fresh can be your slogan too. Get the quantity you need, backed by the powerful marketing campaign of sustainably grown local products. 

A FARMER’S EAR….we want to know what you need. By working directly with farmers, you’ll have control of the quality and variety we can grow and supply you.

INNOVATIVE TEXT ORDERING……We know you’re busy, so we make ordering and price checking as easy as possible. In addition to traditional ordering by phone or email, you can now sign up for our innovative text order system. With text order, you can :

  • Receive price quotes, price matching, and product availability on your phone
  • Receive text alerts and be the first to know when a crop or new product becomes available
  • Secure your order instantly from your phone. 


Questions?  Quotes? Availability?