Our Rainbow Trout

The natural Raised Difference

IIt's rare to come by a fish with the natural orange flesh and sweet fatty taste of salmon without racking up the travel miles. Well, until now. Grown in the cool mountain springs of Upstate SC, our rainbow trout are hand fed a natural diet containing the same super-nutrients that give wild salmon their incredible color and stamina. But it's not all about looks - because our fish are locally raised, you know they're always caught fresh, never frozen, and best of all, they're available year round. We also practice a unique growing system we like to call spring raising in unison with our natural feeding program. This makes for a much happier fish—but what does it mean for you?










Natural Orange Flesh -Where it comes from...
Our fish are hand fed a  diet which contains natural astaxanthin, which is believed to be the most powerful antioxidant nature has to offer -550 times stronger than vitamin E and 6,000 times stronger than vitamin C. But where does it come from? Astaxanthin is found in certain micro-algae, and is what is responsible for giving salmon  they're magnificent color and stamina. New advances in science now allow for this micro-algae to be farmed , making available to us as a fish food that is not only natural, but free of mercury or toxins found in the foods wild fish consume. 


The Benefits of Spring  Raised.....Spring water is renowned for its  drinking quality. It comes directly out of the ground cold, clean, and toxin free. With many spring heads on our property, we thought it just made sense to raise our fish in water so pure we could drink it, eliminating the risk of pollution or parasites commonly found in river fish - both natural and farmed.  How do we do this? We build earthen dams near the spring heads, and soon we have a perfect environment not only for our trout, but for all sorts of wildlife!