About Us:

Know your food, know your body


Our story...

We all do it. It’s just human nature to want the best. We want the fastest car, the newest phone, the biggest house, and the best job. But somewhere along the  way of achieving our material goals, we forgot the most important goal of all.  Our health. It’s not that we meant to ignore our health—it’s just that in our fast paced, goal achieving lives we simply didn’t have time. No time to marvel at that first red tomato, or to ask how it was grown. And for some of us, no time to cook it! In fact, it wasn’t until our nations health began to fail that we  first stopped to ask - what am I eating and how did it get here? 

High Valley Farm SC was founded as one family’s answer to this question. We decided that the best way to know what we ate, was to grow it ourselves.  Suddenly, we not only had healthy, fresh food, we also had tremendous variety that we  never found in traditional grocery stores.  As we got better at growing food for ourselves, we found more and more people asking us—what’s your secret?  To which we always responded,  “There’s no secrets here. Just a lot of hard work and  trial by error.”  After a while, we found that along with our knowledge, people wanted our products! So we took it upon ourselves to turn our passion into  a mission in which everyone could participate. The mission to be healthy, happy, and fulfilled through real food and living in sync with the world around us. From there, we became what we are today. Proud, conscious growers of real food. Food that we know you’ll love, just as much as we do.



Here at High Valley, we believe that every one should know where their food comes from. That's why we work so hard to bring you the best quality and variety that buying local can offer. And we offer a lot! From each beautiful hand fed fish to the many varieties of heirloom and Grade A produce we grow, we put personal effort into everything we do so we're sure  its the best.

We also believe in employing natural and sustainable practices to ensure our earth and our bodies remain at their best. But even more important than that is Know How - whether it's the perfect recipe you're looking for or advise on maintaining your own garden, we're always happy to help!